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Handmade paper Khadi metallic pearl sheet. This unique Khadi hand brush paper many uses include book binding, card making, book arts, collage card making, rubber stamping, framing, Giftwarping, project making, etc. This Shiny metallic pearl Khadi paper totally different luxury paper.
Bright Colours Marbling Paper. Our Selection of Marble paper are not Printed they are all hand marble by Artisan's in Jaipur As Hand made Papers. It's Many used Include Bookbinding, book Art's, Collage, Card Making, rubber, stamping, Framing Size 22x30 Inches Fiber 100% Cotton Range.
Marbling Paper Handmade Cotton Marble Paper, with Gold Parel Metallic Colours. Our Selection of Marbled paper are not Printed, they are all Hand Marbled by Artisan's in India. It's Many uses include Book binding, book Art's, college, Card Making, rubber stamping and framing... Size 22x30 Inc. Fiber 100% Cotton Range. Item No. MARB .02
Greeting Cards Envelope Cotton Rang Marble Paper & Handmade Cotton Recycled Paper Sheets Products Available in different Colors and variety. We Make customised Hand Marbled Cotton Paper and Products As per your requirement.
Handmade Khadi hand brush print paper sheet Gold, Silver Metallic Color Combination. It's many uses include book binding, book Arts, collage, card Making, rubber stamping, and framing. Handmade cotton black paper GSM 100 - 125 Hand brush print Size 20x30 Minimum order quantity 100 p
Handmade Paper Metallic Paper Metallic Pearl Paper Grey. For the reasons of quality standardization we are manufacturing and Supply Metallic Paper it is used widely for wedding cards. We design this paper from best quality parameters of the industry we also make customised. Size. 22x30 Inc GSM. 200 Price. 22
Handmade Cotton recycle Marbling paper. Gold Metallic colors marble paper is Handmad Whit on a base paper 100% cotton rang. It's many uses include book binding, book arts, collage, card making, rubber stamping, and framing and decoration.
Paper sheet marble ti is India marble sheet size 22x30 , Our company name Rahis papers we are manufacturing handmade marble paper sheet and all marble design products marble diaries, bags, gift box , photo frame, greeting cards, also many more products.. price of this marble paper sheet 45 rupees...
Paper Marble Handmad Cotton Paper Marble. Gold, Blue multi colour. This artistic hand marbled paper sheet Eco friendly and 100% Recycle.Its many uses include book binding, book arts, collage, Card making, rubber stamping, and framing. We make customised handmade cotton marble paper sheets and products Size 22x30 Inches G.S.M 110